Monday, 11 August 2014

Are you a first time home buyer?

First time homebuyer Texas
Most people dream of owning a home of their own and spent years saving in order to do so. If you have a similar dream, then you should consider various factors including your monthly income, savings, and budgeting before purchasing a new home. If you are serious about buying your first home, start your process by exploring financing options such a mortgage rates and programs. Buying a new home requires research, guidance and adherence to guidelines and rules.

Mortgage rules vary from one state to another across the United States. Some states even offer specific mortgage programs for home buyers in those states. For example, a first time home buyer in Texas can get financing through Texas Bond Programs.

Apart from opting for the right mortgage program, by chalking out a plan, potential home buyers can accomplish their dream to become homeowners.

Work to Improving Your Credit Score
When you contact a mortgage company for mortgage loan approval, your credit score will be checked at first. In fact, your credit score plays a vital role in determining if you are eligible for the loan or not, what type of loan, and rates. Hence, before you talk with a lender, it’s better to check your credit score by getting the credit report yourself. You can order credit reports from It is a free service, authorized by the federal government. After you know your status, you can then work to clarify any errors or can pay off any outstanding debts negatively affecting your score.

Save well in advance
Typically, you need to pay between 5% and 30% as down payment to get competitive rates on mortgage loan. For this, you may have to work towards building up your savings. To do this, you may need to cut out all unnecessary expenses from your monthly budget.

Finding a reputed real estate agent
This step takes time as finding a reputed real estate agent can be difficult. Ask friends, family members, research references for a reputed real estate agent. A good way to verify the credibility about the agent is to explore the internet.

Secure a pre-approved loan
Once you know how much loan you can afford, only then you can begin to research and shop for a home that fits your requirements. You will need to thoroughly understand the types of loan options available to you, and compare rates and other aspects conventional and non-conventional loans.

Find the Home of Your Dreams
You can take the onus of looking around and finding a home yourself, but that could be a difficult task. It is advised to read and research online about a house by checking reliable databases.

Once you find a dream home, talk with a reputed mortgage company that can provide flexibility in terms of mortgage options and loan processing assistance.

Home buying requires discipline and patience. A reputed mortgage company can assist you with guidance on mortgage programs, application, and securing a loan, making the home owning process easier for you.

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